voestalpine Präzisionsprofil GmbH

Franz-Tilgner-Str. 10
50354 Hürth, Deutschland
T: +49/2233/6116-0
F: +49/2233/6116-16

voestalpine praezisionsprofil qualitaetskontrolle

Our quality-control procedures conform
to DIN ISO 9001 / ISO TS 16949

Measuring technology is applied during production, subjecting components to specific tests while they are still on the line. The measurement readings are then evaluated to allow immediate fine-adjustments to be carried out at any time.

Our quality standards are designed to meet fully the requirements of our customers.

We supply reproducible quality on the basis of the zero-fault principle, certified in conformity with the exacting standards of the automotive industry (TS 16949).

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