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Frank Sulzbach
T: +49/2233/6116-52
F: +49/2233/6116-17
E: frank.sulzbach@voestalpine.com

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Catrin Knopp
T: +49/2233/6116-54
F: +49/2233/6116-17
E: catrin.knopp@voestpp.com

Franz-Tilgner-Str. 10
50354 Hürth, Deutschland
T: +49/2233/6116-0
F: +49/2233/6116-16

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Precision-made sections for a wide range
of industries

As a specialist in the development and manufacture of high-quality, precision-made sections, voestalpine Präzisionsprofil GmbH is used to tackling new challenges on a daily basis.

Our wide-ranging customer portfolio includes, among others, companies from the shipbuilding industry and electronics sector, domestic-appliance manufacturers, shopfitters, suppliers of shelving and storage systems, manufacturers of industrial plant systems, mechanical engineering firms and suppliers of transport and conveying systems.

Our customers from various areas of industry all benefit from the long experience of our development engineers, designers and production experts, whose skills allow them to take solutions designed for one sector and transfer them for application in another.

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