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Manfred Gilson
T: +49/2233/6116-25
F: +49/2233/6116-17
E: manfred.gilson@voestalpine.com

Franz-Tilgner-Str. 10
50354 Hürth, Deutschland
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Precision-made sections made in Germany

voestalpine Präzisionsprofil GmbH manufactures high-quality steel products. We are specialists in the supply of cold-rolled, open profile sections, and concentrate our attention on manufacturing industry and the developing of special profile sections for various sectors within it. Our accent on reliability means that we regard our customers’ challenges as if they were our own.

We produce precision-made profile sections with strip widths starting at 8.5 mm and wall thicknesses of 0.4 to 3 mm, in lengths of 50 mm to 14 m, which means that we can supply our customers with an outstandingly wide range of items. Our precision-made sections can be supplied in cold- and hot-rolled steel, high-strength steel, non-ferrous metals (brass, aluminium and copper) and stainless steel.

With our expertise and absolute commitment to developing our outstanding approach, we deal with the day-to-day challenge of turning apparently-intractable problems into usable solutions for our customers. We create each section according to the needs and precise production specifications of the customer concerned.

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